Workplace Technology News: Oracle Announces the Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform

April 17, 2022

The importance of improving the Employee Experience, particularly through application of new HR and workplace technology was a primary concern for most organizations prior to the pandemic. And the events of the pandemic, and the associated disruptions and challenges to work, workplaces, and employees in all organizations, have elevated the emphasis for HR and business leaders to continue to craft, manage, and elevate the employee experience. But while improving employee experience has been generally accepted as a critical goal, it has often been difficult for HR leaders to develop comprehensive strategies and approaches to that end. And while most HR leaders acknowledge the impact and influence that HR and workplace technology has over employee experience, making a more direct connection between HR tech and employee experience has been challenging if not elusive.

Many organizations have deployed stand-alone or bespoke applications for employee pulse surveying or collaboration or messaging, only to find their effectiveness and impact on employee experience to be negligible. What has been needed in many organizations is a more thorough, comprehensive, and intelligent technology approach to enhancing employee experience, one that is simple, easy-to-use, intelligent, and, importantly, leverages all the insight and information about employees that resides in the HR and talent systems already in use.

The Oracle Cloud HCM team recognized these challenges, and the limitations of targeted, point solutions with the development and release of the Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform. Oracle ME represents a comprehensive solution to enable HR leaders and organizations to deliver personalized and tailored experiences that empower employees and help them succeed. Through targeted communications, intelligent and personalized workflows, access to information and HR services, and a powerful AI-driven digital assistant technology, Oracle ME is an important breakthrough that not only makes impacting and improving employee experience possible, but also allows HR leaders to proactively create a workplace environment where employees can thrive. And importantly for customers of Oracle Cloud HCM, the Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform functions as part of a unified solution with the organization’s core HR systems, and is enabled and supported by the employee’s employment history, work and home location, role in the organization, skills and development, performance records, workplace relationships, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the Oracle ME Platform.

The set of Oracle ME capabilities that make up the Employee Experience Platform include:

HCM Communicate – Enables HR teams to create tailored communications for specific groups of employees with shared characteristics, and track the performance and success of these communications

Journeys – Supports creation and deployment of flexible, powerful workflows that are personalized, contextual, and accessible from anywhere

Touchpoints – Helps managers continuously survey and track employee sentiment and provides recommended actions, like scheduling check-ins, adding discussion topics to upcoming one-on-ones, giving feedback, or celebrating an employee’s work successes

Connections – Provides an interactive organizational directory and organization chart that enables and encourages deeper connections among colleagues by making it easier to find and connect with people in the organizations with specific roles, skills, and interests

HR Help Desk – Delivers rapid, consistent, and intelligent HR services to every employee, and allows HR teams to monitor and track issues to closure, and monitor trends in inquiries and cases to develop improvements in HR service delivery

Digital Assistant – Provides AI-powered conversational interfaces and assistance to help employees get questions answered and tasks completed.

When you consider the concept of “employee experience” it’s useful to frame the conversation by asking a simple question: “What is important to you as an employee?” When asking that question, you may get a wide range of answers, but most, if not all of them, would be able to be categorized in groups including:

  • I want easy access to the information to help me get my work done and to succeed at work
  • I’d like a stronger, more open working relationship with my manager
  • I want to know that when I have an important work or life event like a promotion or having a child, all the important items I need to complete are easy to find and navigate
  • I want to be informed of important organizational information that is highly relevant to me
  • I want an easy, flexible way to get answers to the question I have about HR, benefits, policies, programs
  • I’d like a way to find and connect with other people in the organization I can learn from and support
  • And I’d like all the above to know “me”, who I am, what I have done in the past, what I hope to do in the future and more
  • And one more thing, I’d like to access the above capabilities on any device, at any time, using a wide range of methods – email, chat, collaboration tools, voice, etc.

The strength and potential of the Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform lies in that it’s set of capabilities speak directly to what is important to employees, and what ultimately, shapes what we call employee experience. Making things simple, useful, personal, relevant, and developmental has to be the goal of any HR and workplace technology meant to deployed and utilized by the entirety of the workforce – the via it’s design, integration with the full Oracle Cloud HCM suite, powerful underlying technology, and flexibility, the Oracle ME Platform looks to deliver on what is important to employees, and ultimately the organization. The Oracle ME Platform is an important step in making improving employee experience actionable, measurable, and possible for HR and business leaders. Learn more about the Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform here

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