On-Demand Webinar: Flexible Work and Busting HR Myths

May 5, 2022

Perhaps the most important and tricky set of challenges that HR and business leaders are navigating are the ones surrounding the design of work, workplaces, and managing ongoing remote and hybrid working arrangements. At the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, many organizations were forced to pivot rapidly to remote working, usually without a pre-existing strategy for the support and management of remote staff, and without an overarching philosophy or set of principles guiding this new way of working. Now, almost halfway into 2022, and (hopefully) with the worst of the pandemic related health and safety restrictions ended, many of these same organizations are now coming to grips with the idea that from now on both their employees, and the very nature of work itself have been permanently changed. For most organizations, the future of work will be flexible, personalized, agile, and is not likely to ever return to “normal”, or what we had considered to be normal prior to 2020.

What employees continue to indicate they are seeking from their organizations are improved work-life balance, better and more supportive working culture, and increased flexibility in how they work, including remote working.  All of these fit generally into a broad category of flexibility and wellbeing at work, and it will largely be the job of HR leaders to craft organizational cultures and programs to support these goals. With those challenges and imperatives in mind, the team at H3 HR Advisors recently partnered with our friends at iSolved to advance the conversation on the future workplace, specifically around extended and permanent remote and hybrid work. 

During the event, Amy Mosher, Chief People Officer at iSolved, Trish McFarlane, and I debated eight of the challenges of remote and hybrid work, in a fun and engaging “Myth Busting” style format. We discussed remote recruiting, compensation policies for remote workers, how to ensure ongoing engagement of remote teams,  and more, and at the end of each topic declared the “Myth” of remote or flexible work to be either “Busted” or “Confirmed”. It was a fun, and interesting way to advance the conversation, to engage with sometime alternative points of view, and engage the attendees as well, as many who were with us during the live webcast weighed in as well in real time.

The team at iSolved has now made the event replay available for anyone to view on-demand, and you can find the webcast on the iSolved website here:

Flexible Work: Busting HR Myths On-demand Webinar

You can also find the webinar replay by scanning this QR code from your mobile device:

QR code for H3 HR and iSolved Webinar


This was a really fun, interesting, and I thought creative way to discuss and debate the important topics and concepts HR leaders are having to address with respect to remote and flexible working. As employees continue to value and demand flexibility at work, it will be up to all of us in HR to find ways to meet and support their needs, while also ensuring ongoing organizational and business objectives are met. I encourage you to take some time to watch the webinar replay, and let us know what you think about these “myths”.

You can learn more about iSolved here, and many thanks to the iSolved team for all their hard work and support.

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