Best of the HR Happy Hour Show in 2021

December 21, 2021

While 2021, also known as Pandemic Year 2, was another challenging and at times trying year, on a number of levels, one of the things that helped us at H3 HR, (and hopefully some of you as well), stay relatively sane, informed and “normal” was keeping up regular recordings of our HR Happy Hour Show/Podcast, now in it’s 13th year of production. While we obviously focused on and covered the many work and workplace issues that have extended into 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, (employer response, support of remote work, re-opening workplaces, vaccine mandates, the return of in-person events, support for essential functions like Payroll, etc.), we also produced dozens of episodes covering other topics that were important to us in 2021.

As we wind down 2021, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect re-surface, and share a few of the HR Happy Hour Show episodes from 2021 that were in my view memorable, insightful, important and relevant. With everything going on in 2021, you may have missed some of these the first time around, but the content of most, if not all of these shows is pretty evergreen, and remains as relevant as we head into 2022 as when they were originally recorded.

In chronological order, here are some of my favorites HR Happy Hour from 2021 – and as a reminder you can listen to any of these shows on the embedded players below, or on your favorite podcast app – just search for “HR Happy Hour.” And a searchable archive of all the HR Happy Hour Media Network properties can be found at

HR Happy Hour 468 – Supporting Hourly and Shift Workers with HR Technology; Guest: Martin Hartshorne, CEO, When I Work

We were joined by Martin Hartshorne from When I Work, a leading provider of HR technology solutions for over 36K organizations supporting hourly and shift-based employees. Martin shared some of the important considerations for HR leaders for supporting shift workers, and how modern technology solutions can benefit both the employee and the organization. Shift workers are essential workers largely, and making sure their needs are being considered is critical for HR leaders today.

Additionally, we talked about our favorite decades – 70s, 80s, 90s and more!

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 475 – Training the Workforce of the Future; Guests: Bill Bonvillian, MIT; Sanjay Sarma, MIT

This week Steve was joined by  Bill Bonvillian and Sanjay Sarma from MIT to discuss their new book Workforce Education: A New RoadmapOn the show, Bill and Sanjay shared the inspiration for the book, what kinds of new approaches and technologies are needed to better prepare today’s workers job opportunities moving forward, and how HR leaders and organizations can take proactive steps to ensure they will have the skilled and trained workforces they need. This was a really interesting conversation!

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 478 – The New Work Operating System; Guest: Ravin Jesuthasan, Author and Futurist

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, we were joined by Ravin Jesuthasan, world-renowned thought leader on work and the future of work. On the show, Ravin shared how HR and business leaders need to adapt their thinking to meet the work and workforce challenges ahead. He discussed the importance of moving past old ways of thinking about rigid classifications and definitions of “jobs” and “jobholders” and focusing on breaking down jobs into more discrete tasks, and then evaluating how tasks can best be accomplished using a variety of resources – people, technology, or in combination. Finally, Ravin shared four key principles of what he feels is a new Work Operating System – and gives advice on how to frame your thinking to begin to take on the workplace’s most important challenges. This was an interesting conversation!.

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 486 – Inclusion Lessons from Special Olympics Athlete Leaders; Guests: Kiera Byland and Ben Haack, Athlete Leaders, Special Olympics

This week we were joined by Kiera Byland and Ben Haack, Athlete Leaders from the Special Olympics to talk about their experiences in athletics, what they have learned from competing and from being a part of a team, and what advice they have for HR and business leaders for creating more accessible, welcoming, and open workplaces for people having Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. This was a really interesting and inspiring conversation with two amazing young leaders working to make the world a better place, by encouraging all of us to value all people, no matter what their challenges may be.

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 489 –Work Reimagined With EY; Guests: Jonathan Sears & Ros Feinsod, EY

This week we were joined by Jonathan Sears, Partner in the People Advisory Services and Ros Feinsod, Principal at Ernst & Young LLC to talk about the highlights of the Work Reimagined Survey, such as job satisfaction, flexibility at work, and how company culture has improved during the last year.  We discussed the importance of transitioning to a more hybrid work model and how to ensure collaboration between in-person and remote employees.  We also talked about the right pace of return to work changes and how to measure productivity with remote workers.  Lastly, we covered the importance of addressing wellbeing with your workforce.

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 490 – Workplace Movie Hall of Fame – JAWS

This week we are back with the Workplace Movie Hall of Fame series talking about the HR, workplace, and leadership lessons from the 1975 movie Jaws, starring Roy Schneider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss; directed by Steven Spielberg.  We discussed building a team from diverse backgrounds, how different members of a team need to step up to take a leadership role, and using alternative sources to find the talent you need for your organization.

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 497 – Meeting HR Challenges as a Chief People Officer; Guest: Jenny Dearborn, Chief People Officer, Klaviyo

This week we talked with Jenny Dearborn from Klaviyo about current issues and trends facing HR leaders today; return to work, inclusion, mental health, and more.

– How organizations are finding new ways to connect and engage with their customers

– The shift in how candidates speak about mental health with potential employers

– Training leadership on how to interview candidates during a time of continual change

– How the pandemic has provided new opportunities for organizations to improve DE&I

Thank you Jenny, for joining us!

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 500 –Celebrating our 500th Episode – LIVE from the HR Tech Conference

This week, we celebrated our 500th episode with some of our long-time friends and past guests of the show.

– Don Weinstein, Chief Product and Technology Officer, ADP

– Mike Wood, Director of Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, Jobvite

– Madeline Laurano, Founder, Aptitude Research

– We talked about some of Trish and Steve’s favorite show memories

Thank you Don, Mike, and Madeline for joining the show today!

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 502 –Measuring the Human Resources Experience; Guest: Marcus Buckingham, Global Researcher, ADP Research Institute

This week, we discussed the latest research from ADP Research Institute surrounding human resources’ impact on a company’s talent brand.

– Research Report – The HRXPS: How to measure the performance and impact of HR through the lens of the employee experience

– What are the measures of effectiveness of HR

– The link between employee satisfaction and employee promotion

– Where can companies start and implement the HR Experience?

To learn more, visit

Thank you Marcus, for joining the show today!

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour 509 – Attracting and Retaining Talent during the Great Resignation; Guest: Ann Marr, EVP of Global Human Resources, World Wide Technology

This week, we spoke with Ann Marr about the Great Resignation and ways of attracting and retaining talent during this time.

– Prioritizing a positive, purpose driven work environment

– Importance of offering additional employee benefits

– Boosting diversity and inclusion efforts

– Supporting local communities and non-profit organizations

Thank you Ann, for joining the show today!

Listen here:


It’s been our great honor to be able to continue to produce the HR Happy Hour Show and we thank all of our listeners, guests, and of course our partners Paychex  for all their support!

Happy Holidays!

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