Best of the HR Happy Hour Media Network in 2022

December 15, 2022

While 2022 largely marked the end of the pandemic era and the beginning of what’s next, it remained a strange and at times challenging year.

For us at H3 HR Advisors, 2022 marked the return of business travel, speaking in-person at many events, moving from Zoom meetings to “real” meetings with partners and clients, and notably, making several changes to our lineup of titles on the HR Happy Hour Media Network.

In early 2022, we launched “At Work in America”, the evolution of the original HR Happy Hour Show and devoted to telling the most interesting and relevant stories from the world of work, and how people are making huge impacts in domains like accessibility, inclusion, community involvement and more. And sometimes we just featured people with really cool and interesting jobs!

Additionally, we debuted “The Workplace Minute”, out 2x – 3x weekly “mini-podcast” covering news and information from the world of work, workplace technology, the labor market and more. The Workplace Minute can be heard on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices in your daily news update, and on all the places you can listen to podcasts.

Finally, in late 2022 three new titles premiered on the podcast network. “HR Means Business”, hosted by Mervyn Dinnen, featuring conversations with experts and leaders to help guide managers and employees purposefully through change, supporting and enabling their people to grow and develop. And also joining the network was “The Play by Play”, with hosts Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer, two Gen Z college students who bring their unique spin to a wide range of topics – all from the perspective of the newest Generation entering the workforce. Our popular “HR Market Watch” by host George LaRocque rebranded and is now “WorkTech” – which covers topics in the emerging HR technology space, with a focus on innovative new technology companies and solutions.

As we wind down 2022, we thought it would be a good idea to look back on the year, review the 200+ episodes that ran on the network in 2022, and share a few of the HR Happy Hour Media Network episodes from 2022 that were memorable, insightful, important and relevant. With everything going on in 2022, you may have missed some of these the first time around, but the content of most, if not all of these shows is pretty evergreen, and remains as relevant as we head into 2023 as when they were originally recorded.

Here are some of our favorites from 2022 – and as a reminder you can listen to any of these shows on the embedded players below, or on your favorite podcast app – just search for “HR Happy Hour Network.” And a searchable archive of all the HR Happy Hour Media Network properties can be found at

At Work in America

How Second Chance Hiring Can Help Your Organization – with guest Jeff Korzenik, Author of UnTapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and the Community

On the show we discussed the benefits of giving workers with criminal backgrounds a fair chance at employment and how second chance hiring can help the labor shortage.

Listen here:


Meet the Iconic Budweiser Clydesdales and the Brilliant People Behind Them – with guest Amy Trout, Ranch Manager at Warm Springs Ranch

We met with Amy Trout from Warm Springs Ranch to learn more about the Budweiser Clydesdales and the team of people behind the brand, the education and skills needed to work with the Clydesdales, and the levels of preparation and training the horses go through before they can “work” on a hitch. And we got to “meet” a few of the famous Clydesdales up close!

Listen here:


Supporting Mental Health – How One Person Can Make a Difference featuring Born This Way Foundation – with guest: Maya Smith, Executive Director, Born This Way Foundation

We were joined by Maya Smith from Born This Way Foundation, to discuss new research that addresses the importance of mental health support and resources. We also talked about Lady Gaga’s vision when creating Born This Way Foundation with her mother, Cynthia Germonatta, how the pandemic has altered how we experience work, school, and community, and The Be There Certificate and how to support someone in their mental health journey.

Listen here:


St. Jude – Supporting People and Connecting Employees to their Mission – with guest Annette Green, Chief People Officer, ALSAC/St. Jude

This week, we met with Annette Green to discuss why employees are making the move to mission driven non-profit organizations, the importance of the mission behind an organization, strategies on attracting and retaining talent, and  creating a culture with a relevant mission.

Listen here:


Workplace Movie Hall of Fame: The Intern – hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

This week, we brought back the workplace movie hall of fame to discuss The Intern and all the workplace issues and the themes within it. Including internships, and how they can help your organization, what we can learn while working with co-workers from different generations, interpersonal relationships at work, and the lifespan of an organization. What comes after the startup phase?

Listen here:


HR Happy Hour Show

Unlocking Expertise and Empowering Employees Through Innovative Technology – with guest Mike Carden, Co-Founder of Joyous

This week, we met with Mike Carden from Joyous, live at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. We discussed the background of Joyous and how it unlocks the expertise that exists in your workforce,  the importance of conversations to identify issues, creating an impact on the entire workforce, how they work, and the customers they serve, and memories from previous HR Tech conference events.

Listen here:


Inclusion Crusade

Inclusion Crusade 5 – Protecting Black Women in the Workplace – Part 1 – Host: Sarah Morgan, Guest: Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis, Founder and CEO of 365 Diversity

This episode of the Inclusion kicks off a series for Black History Month 2022 focused on Black women in the HR and DEI space who’ve faced threats, loss of employment, and more following viral online incidents.

Listen here:


WorkTech Podcast

WorkTech Episode 1 – Beeline Acquires Utmost and Leads the Market into Total Talent – Host: George LaRocque, Guests: Colleen Tiner, SVP Strategy, Product, and Partnerships & Dan Khublall, Director of Product Growth and Strategy, Beeline

In this episode, Colleen Tiner and Dan Khublall join George LaRocque to discuss Beeline’s recent acquisition of Utmost and the moves they’re making to lead the market to “total talent.”

Listen here:


Radical Research

Radical Research 12 – Highlights of the Current Labor Market – Host: Madeline Laurano, Guest: Andrew Flowers, Labor Economist, Appcast

In this episode of Radical Research, Madeline Laurano interviews Andrew Flowers, Labor Economist at Appcast, to discuss the jobs report, state of hiring, and layoffs. Andrew answers the tough questions about the possibility of a recession and even, discusses all the VC money pouring into HR Tech.

Listen here:


The Play by Play

The Play by Play 3 – Gen Z Enters the Workforce: What you Need to Know – Hosts: Jack McFarlane, Nick Schlemmer, Guest: Elan Divon, Founder & CEO, Divon Academy

This week on The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talk with Elan Divon of the Divon Academy about Gen Z entering the workforce and how to prepare including the role technology plays in the life of a Gen Z employee and the importance of universities providing real life experiences.

Listen here:


HR Means Business

HR Means Business 1 – Why Belonging and Purpose are So Important for HR – Host: Mervyn Dinnen, Guest: Robert Ordever, Managing Director at OC Tanner Europe

Listen here:


It’s been our great honor to be able to continue to produce all the shows on the HR Happy Hour Media Network!

And we thank all of our listeners, guests, and of course our partners at Paychex  for all their support!

Happy Holidays from all of us at the HR Happy Hour Media Network!

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