Trusted Coronavirus Information and a HR Happy Hour Podcast Network Update

March 13, 2020

As I write this update on March 12, 2020 here in the USA we are in somewhere in the later part of the early stages of coming to grips with the impact that the global COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic is having on work, workplaces, schools, businesses in general, travel, recreation, transportation, healthcare, economics – essentially every aspect of our modern society. And even in these early stages of the full (or heading towards the full) impact of the crisis, there have already been literally thousands of articles, podcasts, newsletters, and more, with advice, information, and predictions on what the pandemic means for HR and workplaces today, and what may be some of the longer term effects. ir is almost impossible to sift through all the Coronavirus content out there, and it really has been only a few weeks since most of us in the US have been truly focusing on the subject.

Heck, we have even contributed to some of that mass of content, Trish and I did a HR Happy Hour Show on the topic a couple of weeks back, admittedly when at least I, I think, had underestimated the true severity and seriousness of the situation. And I have talked about the issue on two or three episodes of the HR Happy Hour on Alexa Show, and I expect I will continue down that path as the Coronavirus is simply so dominant and prominent an issue for the world of work that it is kind of hard to talk about anything else. But with so much Coronavirus information out there, and with the certainty that the volume of content and discussion on the topic is only going to continue to exponentially increase, I wanted to share a solid, trusted, source of current (at least as of March 12, 2020), information on the pandemic, it’s causes and origins, testing and treatment approaches and issues, impact on front line healthcare workers, and some of the bigger picture organizational and societal issues that have to be a part of the overall conversation on Coronavirus.

And that resource is this – a recording of a live presentation and webcast presented at the Boston University School of Public Health titled “Coronavirus: What Do We Know? What Do We Not Know? What Should We Be Doing?” on March 12, 2020.  A distinguished set of speakers consisting of Rita Nieves, Boston Public Health Commission; Davidson Hamer, Boston University; Nahid Bhadelia, Boston University School of Medicine and National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL); Ronald Corley, Boston University School of Medicine, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL); Wendy Mariner, Boston University School of Public Health; and moderated by Pat Hibberd, Boston University School of Public Health, shared their insights and perspectives on the current situation, how and where things may develop here in the US, and offered expert advice that is applicable to business, community, and political leaders as well as to just normal individuals with personal and family concerns. The 1:20:00 or so long video is embedded below, if you have any issues with the embed, please click HERE for the direct link to the recording.

This event was, at least for me, the most informative, interesting, and relevant discussion of the Coronavirus pandemic I have come across so far, and I do highly recommend it if you are interested in a thorough, analytical, and non-political discussion of the current situation. There are plenty of takeaways in particular for anyone who has the responsibility for the health, safety, and security of a workplace and workforce.

Lastly, I wanted to recognize and also let H3 HR readers know about the newest podcast to launch on the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network, and the reason why I learned about the BU webcast linked above. This month “Radical Research” with host Madeline Laurano, launched on the network. And on the second episode of Radical Research, Madeline was joined by Patricia Hibberd from Boston University (the moderator of the BU event), to talk about the workplace issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, and to preview the above panel and webcast. For a second show in a new podcast series, that was a great “get” for Madeline and a great heads up to the incredibly informative event to follow. So thanks again to Madeline and welcome to the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network! You can subscribe to Radical Research and all the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network shows on one, unified feed wherever you get your podcasts – just search for “HR Happy Hour”.

I will close by wishing good health and safe travels to everyone out there. Times are crazy, indeed, but the best way to make it through is to stay informed, to stay calm, and to stick together.

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