Celebrating the Next HR Happy Hour Network Milestone

August 29, 2022

We are excited to share the latest HR Happy Hour Podcast Network milestone – we recently surpassed 3 Million downloads!

While it isn’t necessarily good form to pat ourselves on the back, we noticed a couple of months ago we were approaching the 3 Million figure, and we wanted to use that milestone to take a moment to look back a bit and also to thank the many people who have made that achievement possible.

When we started the HR Happy Hour Show back in 2009, almost no one really knew about podcasts or how to listen to them. We didn’t actually call the show a “podcast” either, back then it was a live show that streamed online and was available for replay as a podcast. In fact, podcasts were still so new, we can recall going to industry events and literally walking people through the process of downloading podcasts on their iPhones (and of course subscribing them to the show!). Over the ensuing decade plus, the show has featured hundreds of guests ranging from workplace experts, HR technology thought leaders and innovators, authors, academics, and so many more. And the show itself has changed and evolved – we’ve updated our focus, expanded the types of topics we cover, and even have added additional podcast titles and hosts to the Network. But at the core the idea or premise of the show remains to host interesting, engaging conversations about the world of work, and the impact work has on people, organizations, and the community. Over thirteen years since the start, creating shows on the HR Happy Hour Network is still the highlight of each week for us.

There are too many folks to thank for supporting us since 2009, but I will give it a go!

Thanks to our loyal subscribers and listeners – of course we never figured there would be millions of listens when we started this!

Thanks to our many, many guests for sharing their time, insight, and expertise. Special thanks to our “5-time guest club” members – you know who you are!

Thanks to our HR Happy Hour Network hosts and partners – Sarah Morgan, George LaRocque, and Madeline Laurano – and stay tuned for some new surprises coming soon!

Thanks to the original HR Happy Hour Show co-host Shauna Moerke – she made the first 100 episodes of the show memorable and fun!

Thanks to our incredible producer Karen Steed who keeps the network running smoothly and puts up with our quirks!

Finally, thanks to our many show sponsors over the years who helped support what we’ve been doing and have made the show better. Special thanks to our sponsor Paychex – who have been with us the longest, and have made so many great things possible.

As we sometimes forget to mention at the end of each show, you can subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Network of podcasts whereever you get your podcasts. Go to hrhappyhour.net for all the show archives and links to subscribe.

Thanks again and here is to the next 3 Million!

Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

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