Celebrating an HR Happy Hour Show Milestone!

June 23, 2020

We are happy to share the news of a happy milestone for our HR Happy Hour Show/Podcast – we recently surpassed 2 million downloads for the show’s history! We are pretty excited and certainly proud of the achievement but we also wanted to take an opportunity to wish our heartfelt thanks to all of our subscribers and listeners, our hundreds of guests who have joined us over the years, all of our past sponsors, and especially our 2020 sponsors – Paychex and Workhuman.

We started the HR Happy Hour Show back in 2009, (wow I am not sure if it seems like a long time ago, or just the other day), and back then, much as it remains today, the show is intended to share insights, ideas, innovators, and workplace technologies all having the same goals – making work and workplaces better, more fair, more equitable, and more successful. And certainly we also like to have a little fun as well!

It’s been a pretty long journey from the first show in 2009 until today, and it probably would be impossible to make a short list of my favorite shows and moments from the show over all this time, there are simply too many to count. But I would like to note one aspect of the show, especially in the last year or two that I am personally most proud of is our shows we have done to promote better access and opportunities in the workplace for groups and communities that have at times, found this access and opportunity more difficult to possess. We have done shows on the blind and visually impaired, folks who are deaf or hard of hearing, the physically disabled, people on the autism spectrum, the formerly incarcerated, and returning veterans. And I am probably forgetting some other shows along this vein.  To me, these are the shows that have the potential to do the most good, and to improve the world of work for everyone.

I think I speak for Trish as well when I say we truly value all of our many friends of the show and listeners over the years, we thank you for support, and we are excited to begin the countdown to the next million or two downloads.

You can listen to the HR Happy Hour Show on all the major podcast apps, and you can find all the show archives over at our dedicated HR Happy Hour Media Network home at hrhappyhour.net.

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