Best of the HR Happy Hour Media Network 2023

December 19, 2023

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of 2023! 

The “return to normal” year was a kind of whirlwind in many respects, and while it was fantastic to resume business travel, office meetings, and large events, it made for a crazy, exciting, and at times exhausting year.

For us at H3 HR Advisors, 2023 marked a busy year of work and collaboration with our fantastic partners, a ton of business travel, speaking in-person at many events, and of course producing a year’s worth of shows across the HR Happy Hour Media Network.

As we wind down 2023, we thought it would be a good idea to look back on the year, review the 200+ episodes that ran on our network of shows in 2023, and share a few of the HR Happy Hour Media Network episodes from 2023 that were memorable, insightful, important and relevant. With everything going on in 2023, you may have missed some of these the first time around, but the content of most, if not all of these shows is pretty evergreen, and remains as relevant as we head into 2024 as when they were originally recorded.

Here are some of our favorites from the HR Happy Hour Media Network in 2023 – and as a reminder you can listen to any of these shows on the embedded players below, or on your favorite podcast app – just search for “HR Happy Hour Network.” And a searchable archive of all the HR Happy Hour Media Network properties can be found at

At Work in America

Workplace Movie Hall of Fame: Barbie – November 2023

On this fun episode of At Work in America, Trish and Steve dive into the 2023 blockbuster movie, Barbie, and the workplace trends within it including gender roles and expectations in the 1970s and 2020s, gender pay equity and empathy in the workplace and gender bias in leadership and the importance of individuality.

Leadership Lessons in Embracing Pets at Work – November 2023

On this episode of At Work in America we had the pleasure of sitting down with Lori Bradley from Chewy to talk about how Chewy embraced pets at work and the learnings that followed. We discussed pet-friendly workplaces and their benefits, how customer experience relates to employee experience, and pet-friendly workplace policies.

Modernizing HR with a Leading CHRO – October 2023

On this episode we spoke with Don Robertson, CHRO of Northwestern Mutual about how to bring your organization into the modern era of work. We covered the employee value proposition and retention strategies that foster a long-term, career-building environment, implementing diversity and inclusion strategies, leadership, empathy, and connection in the workplace, and connecting with remote employees and Gen Z workers.

Taking the Pulse of HR with Paychex – June 2023

On this episode of At Work in America,  we met with Alison Stevens of Paychex to talk about the findings in the 2023 Pulse of HR Report to understand the current and future state of the HR landscape.

Breaking Barriers: Championing Diversity and Empowering People with Disabilities – May 2023

On this episode we were joined by with Lloyd Lewis from Arc Thrift Stores in Colorado to talk about embodying inclusion by employing persons with intellectual and development disabilities.

Escaping the Odds and Increasing Employment Opportunities for Millions – March 2023

On this episode we met with Aaron Smith from Escaping the Odds to talk about second chance hiring of those previously incarcerated. We discussed the importance of mentorship for people who are impacted by incarceration and how business leaders can be more inclusive around opening hiring opportunities.

The Creative Workplace: Lessons from an NYC Tattoo Shop – January 2023

On this episode of At Work in America we met with Mikhail Andersson from First Class Tattoo in NYC to talk about how the perception of tattoos in the workplace has evolved through the years, the challenges of being an entrepreneur in New York City, and navigating workplace issues in a creative organization.

HR Happy Hour Show

The Future of Work: How AI is Changing Skills, Jobs and Careers – June 2023

On this episode of the HR Happy Hour Show, we were joined by Siobhan Savage of Reejig to talk about how AI is changing skills, jobs, and careers.

UNLEASH Conversations: Exploring HR Meta Trends for 2024 – November 2023

On this episode of the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish Steed and Mervyn Dinnen were joined by Maryann Abbajay on the main stage at UNLEASH to examine the HR trends for 2024 in workforce management and retention.

Understanding Workplace Stress: Employee Well-Being and Mental Health Strategies – November 2023

On this episode of the HR Happy Hour Show we spoke with Dr. Sophie Dix from Koa Health about workplace stress and it’s impact on employees’ mental health. We talked about addressing stress in the workplace, and stress, its causes, and its impact on mental and physical health.

Empowering Your Workforce: Oracle Grow and the Future of Employee Development – April 2023

On this episode of the HR Happy Hour Show, we were  joined by Chris Havrilla to talk about the recent innovations in Oracle’s talent management technology.

HR Happy Hour “Live”

HR Happy Hour “Live” with guest Fred Goff – October 2023

We were joined by special guest Fred Goff, CEO of Jobcase, Inc to talk about ways to empower candidates, workers & leaders, as well as the powerful community for jobseekers on Jobcase.


HR Happy Hour Live with guest Nathan Shapiro – September 2023

Live from HR Tech 2023 – First look at new benchmarking and enhanced HR analytics in Paychex Flex. Steve Boese is joined by Nathan Shapiro of Paychex for a look at new enterprise-level technology and HR insights now available for organizations of any size.


The Play by Play

The Play by Play – Building Wealth from the Ground Up: Gen Z’s Roadmap to Financial Freedom – June 2023

On this episode of The Play by Play podcast, Jack McFarlane and Nick Schlemmer talked with Collin Kanyuck about managing your money and investing.

Inclusion Crusade

Inclusion Crusade 9 – Breaking the Cycle: Examining the Effects of Toxic Culture (Part 1) – February 2023

In preparation of Black History Month, Sarah Morgan had been focused on talking about black women who have faced hardship, job loss due to their outspokenness online about racial incidents in their workplace. And as she wrapped up this series with her final interview, she realized that there was one more story that she needed to tell. And that was her own. Today, Sarah had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by Charlie Pleasant to tell her personal story and discuss the effects of toxic culture on our wellbeing.

The Workplace Minute

Waffle House Workers the Latest to Advocate for Better Pay, Working Conditions – November 2023

In this episode Steve Boese shared another recent example of US labor organizing and activism as Waffle House employees protest for increased wages and better working conditions.

Despite Benefits, Nearly Half of Companies Backtracked on Remote Work in 2023 – October 2023

In this episode Steve discusses how despite the clear benefits of remote and hybrid working for employees and organizations, some leaders remain insistent on calling back workers into offices and in-person work.

HR Means Business

HR Means Business 12: Navigating the Shift to Hybrid and Flexible Work Environments – August 2023

In this episode Mervyn talks to Matthew Davis, Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology at Leeds University, about their major research project on how work and workplaces are changing to adapt to hybrid and flexible working.


Radical Research

Harnessing AI for Talent Planning and Dynamic Transformation – May 2023

On this episode of Radical Research, Madeline is joined by industry experts Josh Bersin and Jason Cerrato to share highlights from Eightfold’s Cultivate event including skills-based talent planning and discuss Josh’s latest study on Pacesetters and Model on Generations of AI providers.

The Work Tech Podcast

WorkTech Episode 2 – Beamery Announces $50M Series D and Becomes Work Tech’s Newest Unicorn – January 2023

Beamery CEO and Co-Founder Abakar Saidov discusses their $50 million Series D Round and $1 billion unicorn valuation with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque.

It’s been our great honor to be able to continue to produce all the shows on the HR Happy Hour Media Network!

And we thank all of our listeners, guests, and of course our partners at Paychex  for all their support!

Happy Holidays from all of us at the HR Happy Hour Media Network!

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