Announcing The HR Happy Hour Podcast Network

August 4, 2016

We are extremely excited today to share some great news – the official launch of the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network, and the details of the three new shows that will soon debut on the HR Happy Hour umbrella.

The HR Happy Hour Show hosts, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane are thrilled to be joined by such a great lineup of shows and contributors, and you can read the details of the announcement HERE.

The HR Happy Hour Show started back in 2009  when Steve was an adjunct instructor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY teaching a graduate-level course for HR Master’s students on the topic of HR Technology. At that time he got the crazy idea to try and record interviews with HR and HR Tech leaders, and make these audio files a part of the course’s required materials for the class. He used the Blog Talk Radio platform to make the recording process a little easier for guests, as back then, even Skype was hardly in use by most folks, and fewer folks were recording podcasts on their own, in even a quasi-professional manner.

Since then, the HR Happy Hour Show has evolved and transformed. The first two or three years featured mostly live-streamed shows broadcasting at 8PM on Thursday nights, complete with callers, a lively Twitter backchannel on the #HRHappyHour hashtag, and even dedicated Google Wave threads!

Trish joined the show as a full-time co-host in 2013 and since then the show has grown by leaps and bounds to where it is today.

In the last few years the HR Happy Hour has become a more traditional podcast, generally pre-recorded, or recorded live at industry events, and (lightly) edited to fit the now much more widespread and popular podcast format and formula. The last few years have also seen a dramatic rise in the overall popularity of podcasting in a number of topics and domains, and we are proud that the HR Happy Hour Show was podcasting before podcasting was cool! We have had a series of great guests, covered the most relevant topics in HR, HR Technology, work, and the workplace, and had a lot of fun along the way.

And now with the launch of the new HR Happy Hour Network, these first three new titles, (details are in the release here), and to be partnering with such a great group of people, Trish and Steve are confident the next seven years of the HR Happy Hour will be just as much fun as the first seven.

Many thanks to everyone who has listened to, supported, or even guested on the show so far – stay tuned for more great and informative content, HR and HR technology insights, and hopefully – lots of fun from your pals at the HR Happy Hour Show and Network.

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