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You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Originally posted: April 6, 2010 on TrishMcFarlane.com

Well, it’s not REALLY my birthday.  Technically it’s an anniversary but to me, it’s the day I am celebrating my re-birth.

One year ago today I started the HR Ringleader blog.

When I look back through the archives and see how I have grown as a writer, as a thinker, and as a person, I get emotional.  Starting this blog has brought so much joy to my life.  It has given me opportunities to express myself, to travel, to speak at numerous conferences and attend events.  It has even given me the opportunity collaborate and co-create HRevolution.  It has opened doors that I never knew existed.  It helped me find a job that I love.  Most importantly, it has been the catalyst for my meeting some of the most wonderful people (YOU) and gives me a way to  build relationships and community.

I thought I’d share my very first post with you because I know many of you have never seen it. I won’t critique myself because let’s just say it’s pretty clear I have grown.  What I will say is that it tells you WHY I have spent so many hours late at night or up early in the morning writing this labor of love.   It explains what my goals were with the blog.  You’ll have to tell me if you think I’m on track to achieving them.  Thank you all for your support over the last year.  You have helped make this experience one of the most rewarding of my life!

Welcome to the greatest show on earth….the HR Circus!

We all need a ringleader in this circus of a world we call HR.

After starting a personal blog  recently and reading many blogs over the last few years, I have decided to take the plunge into writing one specifically for my industry- human resources.  First, I wondered what I can contribute that is not out there and, after some thought, I think I can contribute a different spin than some of the other prominent HR blogs.  I personally learn something new every day from those awesome blogs (you can find my favorite blogs on the ‘Recommended Blogs’ tab).  What I hope to bring to the table is how one struggles with the daily HR issues in a corporate environment, where change comes more slowly, and how to successfully incorporate innovative and creative approaches to HR.

I chose HR Ringleader because according to Wickipedia, “the ringleader is often the most important and most-visible performer in the modern circus (aka HR in this case). He/she usually introduces the various actsand guides the audience through entertainment experience. Most modern-day ringleaders become an integral part of the performance, singing and dancing along with the other entertainers.  The ringleader is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of the show — or at least the appearance of it.”

To me, my role as a HR professional is more than just trying to have a seat at the table.  It’s my attempt to guide employees through the work experience.  I want to become an integral part of their performance and sometimes, I want to be able to “sing and dance” right along with them.  I also want to do what I can to make the HR experience a smooth one for leaders and employees.

So, ladies and gentlemen, please join me over the coming months as I explore the greatest show on earth- the experience of human resources!

More soon….

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