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The Time Is Now: Women of HR Blog

Originally posted: May 21, 2010 on TrishMcFarlane.com

Women of HR- The Beginning

It all started one cold night in Chicago, when a diverse group of women representing various ages and backgrounds, gathered together from across the country. There were pomegranate martinis, laughter, and great conversation. And from that lively conversation came a question:

“Why isn’t there a site dedicated to the development of women in HR and Business the way we want one to be? A place where women can get information, discuss the issues that impact their lives, and find that sense of community and collaboration that we’re all experiencing at this very moment? Most importantly, if it doesn’t exist already, what is stopping us for doing it ourselves? “

It was obvious what we needed to do.

Headed up by Lisa Rosendahl as editor-in-chief along with co-founders, Shauna Moerke and me, Women of HR is designed to be a multiple contributor blog that will address what struck us as an area of the online community currently being under serviced. It’s all about community, support, and fun.

And that’s why we need you.


We are currently putting out a call for 12 -15 regular contributors who can commit to 1 original blog post per month. Not able to commit to that schedule but still interested? We still want to hear from you!


Do I have to write a blog to contribute?

No.  If hosting a personal blog is a commitment you don’t have time for but you’d still like to get your ideas out occasionally, this is the place for you.

Do I have to write on a specific topic?

No.  As long as the topic is approached from the perspective of how women can be informed or supported, all topics are fair game.  We would like to hear about and cover a wide range of topics.  Everything from leadership, culture, parenting, GLBT situations, and sports.  Sports?  Yes, it’s fair game too as long as it’s written in a way that speaks to women.

Do you have to be a woman to contribute?

Of course not, we simply want the focus of the site to be on issues of interest to women.  Men can write about their views on women’s issues.

Intrigued and want to get involved?

Send an email to WomenofHR@gmail.com and include the following:

– Your level of interest, i.e. the frequency of your contribution to the site
– A brief bio, 75 words max, with links to your websites, profiles, etc.
– A picture of you to go with your bio

That’s it. Please be sure to contact us no later than Friday May 28th if you are interested. It’s been a long time coming but things are moving fast now and we are pushing forward full steam!  We already have several writers interested and on board including Charee Klimek and Jenny Payne, so please join us.

I hope you all are just as excited as we are and we look forward to hearing from you!! You’ll be hearing more on an upcoming HR Happy Hour episode and the blog will launch in June.

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