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HRevolution: Evolving HR In Vegas

Originally posted: October 4, 2011 on TrishMcFarlane.com


The word still stops me in my tracks when I type it.  Coming off our fourth event, the word had taken on new connotations and nuances with each unique experience.  There was the inaugural event in Louisville, the creative collaboration in Chicago, the more tightly focused Atlanta and now the technically focused Las Vegas.

As part of the HR Technology Conference, this time we partnered with LRP to bring the HRevolution culture to a whole new group of professionals.  There were some familiar faces that included people who had attended before and many new faces, experiencing collaborative learning for the first time in a conference setting.

For a full run down on the event, check out Steve Boese’s postHRevolution and the Connected World“.  Huge thanks to LRP, Claude Werder, Bill Kutik, Vicky Dennehy, Eric Winegardner and Monster for supporting us and making HRevolution Vegas a reality!  Thank you to all the speakers who so graciously give your time and preparation in making the event a success.  And, thank you to each person who attended and contributed to the learning.  

My most sincere thank you to my co-planners; Steve Boese, Ben Eubanks and Matt Stollak. Without you, HRevolution would not exist!

As for me, the questions already start coming in….when is the next one?   Where will it be?  The planning team will take the next couple months to vet all our options.  As always, this is an event FOR YOU, so please feel free to leave any ideas and feedback in the comments.



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