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Fistful Of Talent Top 25 Talent Management Blogs- v7.0

Originally posted: May 23, 2010 on TrishMcFarlane.com

There are several things in life that I love:

  • Journals with nice paper
  • Pens that write smoother than you could imagine
  • Lists

Why?  Because I am a list maker.  I always have been.  I like the activity of writing down all my “to do’s” and getting to cross them off as I accomplish them.  I like to make columns and use different colored pens.  Occasionally I even use a highlighter to make the list look that much better.  Crazy, right?  Well, for me, lists help keep me on track and show the information I need in an organized way.

I know not everyone likes lists because sometimes there are too many, they’re too long, or they don’t provide valuable information.  But since I’m a list lover, I was thrilled to be included in one recently that have always found to be helpful.  The Fistful Of Talent 25 Top Management Blogs.

I’ve been reading FOT far longer than I have had a blog.  I’m sure that FOT has influenced my decision to jump into the fray and I thank them for that.  As I think back to 2008, I remember seeing the first post where they ranked the top 25 talent management blogs.  This is how they defined the goal of the ranking, “the goal is being able to recommend the blogs to the broad audience of people practicing Talent Management – not just bloggers, who tend to have thick skin.  So, the core mission of the blog has to be providing quality information, with Talent issues at the core of what the blog is about.” Back then, as I practiced HR in my daily job, I used that list to start branching out to read more talent management blogs.  That activity alone helped me develop my knowledge and opinions about human resources more than any training course could.

Fast forward to today and now I’M on the list.  You can see why I’m humbled and honored to be included.  My hope is that my blog continues to be a place for other industry professionals to gain some insight into HR related topics, to share their ideas, to agree and disagree with me, to showcase ways to get involved and move our profession forward, and most of all, TO LEARN.

So, thank you Kris Dunn, Jessica Lee, and the FOT crew for including me.  I know some people don’t take lists seriously, but I do.  It’s nice to be recognized for doing something I am passionate about.

Steve Boese, the newest member of FOT, pulled together a GoogleReader bundle so that you can easily subscribe to the Top 25.  Be sure to click here to have them added to your reader.

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