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Coloring Outside the Lines: Deconstructing Talent Best Practices to Find What Really Works

Originally posted: July 8, 2019 on TrishMcFarlane.com

Best practices.  Does the phrase make your eyes light up at the possibilities, or do you cringe at the thought of just taking someone else’s strategy and shoe-horning it into your organizational culture?  Either way, there are some lessons to be learned by examining what other organizations do.  The danger is not taking into account the unique personality and culture of YOUR organization and trying to implement strategies that do not support your goals. 

As an analyst, I spend a great deal of my time having fabulous conversations with the very companies who are shaping the future of technology for our workforce.  It’s invigorating because it’s not just about creating a solution to automate a form.  It’s about innovative approaches to the very way our employees think and behave in the workplace.

One company I’ve had the pleasure to partner with is ADP.  Through several projects, I know first-hand that they are investing in ways to revolutionize the way we all work.  Part of that comes from a strong desire to create technology solutions, but it goes beyond just having technology for technology’s sake.  It’s also not just about creating change for change’s sake. It is about driving real change to address the workplace issues and challenges of today, AND to anticipate and predict those that are coming in the future.  I am partnering with their Talent Solutions team to address many of the questions around that change.

I invite you to participate in a conversation I’ll be having with Susan Hanold and Jennifer Phillips Kirkwood on July 18, 2019.  This is not your “typical” webinar where someone shares a slide deck with you. No, this will be much more!  We will deconstruct many of the “best practices” we all hear about.  Why?

Well, because HR is about people.  It’s not a one-size-fits-all practice.  It is about learning and understanding how people think and behave in order to impact and influence change and growth.  In preparation for this free event, I want you to do a little pre-work.  Start thinking about:

  • What does HR analytics mean to you?  Is this a part of your current HR department’s responsibility?  How to you demonstrate success in this skill?  
  • Do you know what “good” looks like?  
  • What value do HR analytics drive in your company?
  • Performance management remains an area where HR teams use varied approaches. From Word documents to online forms, to fully automated, mobile solutions, there are so many to choose from. How do you know what is best for your organization and your people? What steps do you take if you want to introduce a change?

So, mark your calendars now and click through to register today https://bit.ly/ADPwebcast71819T.

*Approved for 1 HRCI credit, 1 SHRM credit, and 1 CPE credit hour.

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