Cornerstone is Diving into AI Skills Intelligence Capabilities 

May 28, 2024

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signageThere’s big news in the world of talent management. Workforce agility solution provider, Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. has acquired SkyHive Technologies to infuse AI skills intelligence into the platform. This announcement comes on the heels of Cornerstone’s launch of Cornerstone Galaxy and will enhance the platform with labor market data.  

Trish Steed, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst at H3 HR Advisors says, “In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and shifting job market demands, the landscape of learning and professional development is undergoing significant transformations. As employers increasingly prioritize demonstrable skills and practical competencies, the gap between current skills and those that are needed is widening. This acquisition will enable Cornerstone to meet those customer’s learning and skills gaps.”  Integrating skills intelligence not only aligns business outcomes with market conditions but also fosters a more personalized, motivating, and equitable learning experience.

Supporting Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement

The concept of lifelong learning is becoming increasingly relevant as individuals must continually update their skills to remain competitive both with their employers and in the job market. Cornerstone’s AI skills intelligence supports this paradigm by providing a flexible and dynamic way to track and acknowledge ongoing learning and development. Unlike traditional learning and development models, this platform can continually evolve, reflecting new competencies and areas of expertise as they are acquired. This continuous feedback loop encourages learners to keep improving and adapting to new challenges and opportunities. 

Promoting Equity and Accessibility in Education 

Another critical advantage of incorporating AI skills intelligence into the Cornerstone workforce agility platform is the promotion of equity and accessibility in continuous learning. This allows learners from diverse backgrounds to demonstrate their capabilities and gain intelligence thus democratizing the playing field, providing all learners with the opportunity to succeed based on their skills and knowledge. 

Facilitating Personalized Learning Experiences 

According to Steve Boese, co-Founder and Principal Analyst at H3 HR Advisors, “Personalization is a key trend in modern organizational learning, and enhancing the workforce agility platform with SkyHive’s AI skills and labor market intelligence can  significantly contribute to creating customized learning experiences.”  By tracking the specific skills that learners acquire and recognize, the platform can tailor content and recommendations to individual needs and goals. This personalized approach not only makes learning more efficient but also ensures that learners are continually challenged and supported in their educational journey. 

Leveraging Data for Continuous Improvement 

Finally, the data generated through adding AI skills intelligence to the system can be invaluable for continuous improvement of the learning platform itself. By analyzing which skills are most frequently acquired, which ones are in high demand, and where learners struggle the most, HR leaders can make data-driven decisions to refine and enhance their offerings. This iterative process ensures that the platform remains relevant and effective in meeting the needs of both learners and employers. 


Incorporating AI skills and labor market intelligence into the Cornerstone platform is not just a beneficial addition; it is a crucial evolution in the workplace learning landscape. It empowers learners to take control of their learning journeys, provides employers with a clearer picture of candidates’ and employees’ capabilities, and ensures that learning systems remain dynamic, agile and responsive to the needs of the modern world. As the demands of the job market continue to evolve, learning platforms that embrace AI skills intelligence will be at the forefront of shaping the future of education. 

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